Please see for the 2012 Google Apps for EDU European User Group conference

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 Stephenson Lecture Theatre High Bay Area
09.30Registration & coffee
Martin Hamilton, Loughborough University [@martin_hamilton]

10.15Google Apps 'roadmap' update <#s1>
Iain Fletcher, Google


[Strategy theme:] [Technology theme:]
11.00Mass migration to Google Apps <#s2>
Niall Sclater, Open University 
SSO and identity management <#t1>
Jon Warbrick, University of Cambridge [@jw35]
11.30   Building on Google Apps at Jaguar Landrover <#s3>
Mike Conner and Sean McAndrew, Appsbroker
Mashing Up Google Apps <#t2>
Tony Hirst, Open University [@psychemedia]
12.00Developing the Business Case (panel) <#s4>
Nick Skelton, University of Bristol (chair) [@nick_skelton]
Aline Hayes, Sheffield Hallam University [@aline_hayes]
Chris Sexton, University of Sheffield [@cloggingchris]

Open Mic Session <#t3>
Sheila MacNeill, JISC CETIS (chair) [@sheilmcn]

Google Apps Script, Spreadsheets, Twitter and Gadgets
Martin Hawksey, JISC RSC Scotland North & East [@mhawksey]

Steve Philp, Paganel Primary School [@frogphilp]

Plus others to be added, per 
the linked Google Doc.
12.30Buffet lunch & exhibition

[E-Learning theme:][Technology theme:]
13.30From the VLE to a VLEcosystem <#s5>
Mark Allen, EdintheClouds [@EdintheClouds]
and Zoe Ross, DoDigital Ltd [@zoeross19]
Integrating Serco Facility CMIS with Google Apps <#t4>
Peter Sellek, Leeds Metropolitan University

14.00Cloud Learning Environments <#s6>
Manish Malik, University of Portsmouth [@manmalik]
Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth [@timbuckteeth]
Google Apps, Customized -- do more with the Google Apps Marketplace <#t5>
Claudio Cherubino, Google Developer Relations [@ccherubino]
14.45Engagement with Google (open house discussion) <#s7>
Led by Sam Peter and William Florance - Google
[suggest and vote on topics for discussion]

16.00Close & departures