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Arthur Clune (University of York)

posted 16 Feb 2011, 07:08 by   [ updated 16 Feb 2011, 09:32 ]
Some key points from guug11 noted by Arthur:
  • Google CloudConnect for MS Office to be released next week. Looks very nice. Allows storage of docs in Google Docs complete with versioning etc.
  • Google Apps can do OCR on pdfs. I had no idea.
  • There was a very nice demo of the translation facilities - live real-time translation in chat and demos of Google Sites being made available in any language via translation. They stressed it was machine translation so not perfect but good enough for people to understand.
  • Nice ideas about using templates with Sites to give easy setups for projects etc
  • Google also demoed the Chrome laptop. If we went with Apps this would be ideal for use as lending devices. Cheap, no local data, usable by anyone with a Google account. They are aiming for 99.99% uptime next year (including all downtime - any duration, planned + unplanned). No price or release date given.

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